About this Blog

Inexorable Progress will explore issues of social justice and equality in society, seeking to generate discussion about issues that affect how we treat each other. We are particularly interested in the representation of gender, race, and class in media such as film, television, gaming, and news. We believe reality is socially constructed through language, and beliefs are entrenched through repetition of information and misinformation. Broadening one’s perspective through respectful dialogue with a variety of points of view and lived experiences helps to develop empathy, a core principle for mutual understanding and cooperation that builds peaceful, caring, responsible social units that function to uplift all members. Through language and play we make our world; this blog hopes to positively contribute to making a better one.

About the Authors

Ben is an admitted SJW and gamer who can teach you to play Dwarf Fortress.  He’s lived his entire life among the towns and cities between Cleveland and Akron in the state of Ohio. Ben finds delight in harmonious relationships, candid discussion, active listening, and believes no one has anything to lose by treating others respectfully.  He thinks a lot about brands, institutions as organisms, and win-conditions. He works at U.S. Bank Home Mortgage as a risk analyst.

Maury is a writer and college professor living and working in central Virginia. A former media relations exec, she now focuses on literacy, gender and cultural studies, social activism, rhetoric, and gaming, especially role-playing games. Her hope is that through language, literacy, and play, people can learn empathy and society will inexorably progress toward equality, justice, and compassion for all. You can find her geeking out on algorithms, data, and humanism, role-playing games, female superheroes, trickster figures, poetry, indie film, alternative music, smart writing, corsets, cyborgs, and all things steampunk.



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